A nostalgic look at 25 years of the Internet

The internet is no longer the Wild Wild Web it was in the late 20th century. Jeff looks back at Gopher, Archie and even FTP as a means of storing silos of information (typically early 1990). The emergence of NCSA Mosiac, Netscape and then Internet Explorer, paved the way for the modern Internet (and his personal journey into web development). Along the way we have seen the rise and fall of many communities including MySpace and Geocities, the popularity of animated GIFs (who can forget the “Coming Soon” GIF of a man digging a hole?) and the never ending “Optimised for IE4+” banners on “new” websites.

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Jeff is a front-end web developer at Energized Work

Testing practices in the world of service

Panel discussion on testing practices in the world of service virtualization, at WireMock’s Next Gen Service Virtualization Forum.

Panelists included: Benji Hooper (SpectoLabs), Wojciech Bulaty (Traffic Parrot), Dave Syer (Pivotal), Huw Price (Curiosity Software Ireland). Chaired by Tom Akehurst (WireMock).

The Bureau for the Containment of Programmatic Lifeforms

Based in Ocean Beach, San Francisco, the BCPL is the world’s first Capitalist Absurdist quasi-fictional organization dedicated to blurring the walls of reality and fiction, through science-fictional world building, and appropriating the technologies for use in the real world. BCPL is at once, a publisher of comic narrative and a tech startup, utilizing music and magick in order to build a truly synthetic consciousness.

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Thorsten Sideb0ard is an embedded audio engineer, working at Google’s Nest Labs, California, while moonlighting as the CEO of a fictional company