Thud: Why it’s not failure you should be afraid of

“Thud” is the sound a bowling ball makes when dropped onto damp earth. But it’s also the sound that most of our software makes when it hits the market. We’re great at celebrating our wild successes, and finding people to blame for catastrophic failures.

This talk is about how we spend most of our work trying to figure out which we have on our hands: a success or a failure. Jeff will share stories of how we use discovery work to identify when we’ve got a “thud” on our hands. And, how the hardest thing to do is recognize and let go of our thuds.

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An Open Space with Simon Powers & Michael Sahota

Michael Sahota and Simon Powers ran a free format question / answer session; sharing their work and insights on the deep emotional and mindset shifts and resulting structure and culture changes that are happening in organizations all over the world.

Expect a lot of fun, lively debate, deep learning and emotional content, as well as celebrations and networking, all in a friendly and welcoming environment.

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